Sioux Rapid’s beginnings began when the government surveys were made in Buena Vista County in 1855. Two surveyors, Lane and Ray, were setting stakes, making township corners. Working their way through a sea of tall prairie grass, they went about marking the section line between the present Lee Township on the east and Barnes Township on the west.  As they progressed through the valley and crested the next hill, they beheld the  valley of the Little SiouxRiver. It was a green valley, shady and cool, with a magnificent river below where the clear cool water flowed along sanded banks, a refreshing place for the thirsty and tired men to rest.

Lane and Ray looked about them, amazed at the beauty of this place and as they made camp that night, they had one thought in mind – to stake out a claim.

The next morning Lane and Ray drove stakes and posted a notice printing in large letters the words -THIS LAND IS TAKEN BY LANE AND RAY!

This site would later become the town of Sioux Rapids. The small town would attract businessmen and settlers to the valley, all of which became the backbone of our heritage. The town grew with many businesses on Main Street, farmers who worked the land, and residents who enjoyed the small town activities. A mill on the river was built, an opera house was opened, and industry boomed.

Today, Sioux Rapids is lucky to still have businesses on Main Street and along Highway 71, unlike so many other small towns in Buena Vista County. Residential areas are full with more housing needed; we have a strong school system that attracts students from within a 30 mile radius; and we have the community support to keep thriving into the future.