Meet our City Staff if you need help with your water bills, make a payment, or turn in a building permit you can talk to one of the City Clerks.  If there is a question or concern about the streets, or water or sewer systems, or and working or the city systems you can contact Public Works.  Of course there is our Police Chief keeping us all safe as well.

Amanda Caraway
Amanda Caraway City Clerk
(712) 283-2737
Randy Koenig
Randy Koenig Public Works
(712) 283-2737
Andrew Wetrich
Andrew Wetrich Public Works
(712) 283-2737
Clayton McGuire
Clayton McGuire Police Chief
(712) 283-2737
Holly Miller
Holly Miller Deputy City Clerk
(712) 283-2737

Boards and Committies

Beautification Committee

Ginny Smith, Chairman
Jennifer Prior
Nancy Wendel

Board of Adjustment

Rod Reiling, Chairman
Keith Stoeber
Caleb Garberding
Gary Edwardson
Beth Rix, Secretary

Cemetary Board

Kale Glover, Chairman
Ginny Smith
Beth Fraser, Treasurer

Library Board
Lacy Garberding, Council Representative

Dorothy Machholz, Chairman
Suzanne Haight
Jamie Dorenkamp
Denise Pierce

Bethany Peat - Library Director

Holly Miller - Part-Time Librarian 



Park Board
Mike Gunderson, Council Representative

Josie Fahrenkrog
Deb Roberts
Lacy Garberding
Lisa Christian
Rish Brauhn

Zoning Board

Mel Pitts
Jamie Dorenkamp
Pat Reno
Kelly Snyder
Corey Brown